02 February 2010

Everyone loves the Wienermobile.

My friend Katie visited from Grand Rapids over the weekend, and we went to one of my very favorite places: Henry Ford Museum! Much of my childhood (as I remember it) took place at the museum, as well as Greenfield Village. I was afraid it might have lost its magic now that I'm older, but nope. It's still amazing.

I was so so sad when I realized that my memory card was at home, but it was still great without a camera. We saw JFK's limousine, the chair Lincoln was shot in, the Rosa Parks bus, Ford's steam engines,


a light bulb, an Eames chair, the old-fashioned diner, the 1952 Wienermobile, and R. Buckminster Fuller's futuristic house (which I want). Plus tons of other neat history.

If you're ever in Southeast Michigan, you need to go there.


  1. This museum trip makes me jealous! Although the wiener mobile was just downtown where I live a few months ago. I saw it briefly. It was awesome.

    I'm super excited to follow your blog btw! I might try illustrating some of my old xanga entries now. High school blogs are always such a laugh!

  2. I saw the Wienermobile once when I was a little kid and it was definitely a highlight of my childhood. Great drawings!

  3. Thanks guys!
    I strongly feel that everyone should get to see the Wienermobile at least once.

    And I love the idea of illustrating old xanga entries. I'm actually about to dig up my journals from elementary school and see what they inspire.

    Sidenote: I really didn't like these pages when I drew them yesterday. But today I'm thinking that their childlike nature is appropriate.